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Qi authentication
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About Qi certification

The Qi specification is the wireless charging standard promoted by Wireless Power Consortium (WPC).

The Qi logo is a registered trademark by WPC. The usage of the Qi logo and name Qi is licensed only for products that are visible in the WPC-Qi Certified Product Database.Qi

The users of the Qi logo first need to register as WPC member and pay the annual fee of corresponding level of member. Their products are tested in the Authorized test lab (ATL) and in the Interoperability Testing Center (IOC) lab for interoperability testing, and finally registered in WPC.

The Qi specification is a fully compatible wireless charging standard, that means any phone or other device with the Qi mark can be compatible with all chargers with the Qi mark, free from manufacturer or brand restrictions.

At present, the products normally have two types Baseline Power Profile (≤ 5 W) and Extended Power Profile (≤ 15 W) classified by load power with operation frequency range in the 87-205 kHz.

such as chargers, mobile phones, tablets, cameras, battery packs, desk luminaires, and furniture.


Qi Certification Process

  1. Assist client to be a WPC member.

  2. Sign logo approval agreement.

  3. Applicant makes product certification registration and fill in application reference.

  4. Pass compliance testing by an authorized test lab (ATL).

  5. Pass interoperability testing by an Interoperability Testing Center (IOC).

  6. Review and issue Qi certificate.

Hongke Qi Service and Superiority

Hongke lab has been equipped with whole BPP and EPP testing capability and provide clients with one-stop service from research & development consultation, rental pre-testing and QI testing and certification to help products quickly and easily access to global market.

Qi authentication information


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