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Introduction of ITE information technology products

According to different functions, information technology products should comply with safety, electromagnetic compatibility, telecommunications regulations, wireless spectrum and so on. Almost all products must meet the requirements of safety and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) regulations, but Telecommunications Regulations require only when the product is connected to the communication interface, and wireless spectrum is only required when the product is applied to wireless transmission.

The design trend of information technology products has been toward light, thin, short and small. Generally speaking, the smaller the design volume, the more difficult it will be to meet the requirements of standards. If the product uses cathode ray tube (CRT), it must meet the X-ray safety requirements, if the application of laser, laser safety also need to be considered.

Information technology products are mostly marketed globally with the same product design, and most of them use DC power or 100-240 Vac market power. If the product obtains CB-report on safety certification, it can be recognized by most countries.

ITE application standards for information technology products

Safety standard:

CB standard: IEC60950-1

Euro gauge: EN60950-1

Us regulation: UL60950-1

China regulation: GB4943-CCC

Taiwan: CNS 14336

EMC standard:

EMC (Europe): EN55022, EN55024

FCC (USA): Part 15

C-Tick (Australia): AS/NZS CISPR 22

VCCI (Japan): J55022

IC (Canada) ICES-003

ITE information technology product certification cycle

2-4 weeks

Certified product type

Tablet computer, LCD display, scanner, printer, shredder, mouse, keyboard, glue machine, POS machine, electric stapler, computer TV integrated machine, alarm clock...



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