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Audio and video products

Audio and video products meet the standards of safety, EMC and wireless spectrum according to their functions. For laser applications, laser safety needs to be considered, and FDA for infrared applications also needs to consider security.

AV audio and video application standards

Safety standard:

CB standard: IEC60065

Euro gauge: EN60065

Us regulation: UL60065

China regulation: GB8898-CCC

Taiwan: CNS 14408, CNS 13439

EMC standard:

EMC (Europe): EN55013, EN55020

FCC (USA): Part 15

C-Tick (Australia): AS/NZS CISPR 13

VCCI (Japan): J55013

IC (Canada) ICES-003

AV audio and video authentication cycle

The certification period of power products is 1-3 weeks.

Certified product type

LCD/LED-TV, monitor, video camera, DVD/VCD, MP4, MID, back projection TV, home theater, speaker, audio, power amplifier, video recorder, karaoke, disc player, MP4, MP5, recorder, radio, recording pen, game player, answering machine, headset, headset, headset, microphone, amplifier, loudspeaker, car player, digital camera Digital cameras, cassette tape recorders, duplicators, song recorders, on-board DVDs, on-board MP4, projection screens, monitors, subwoofers, walkmen, on-board displays, electroacoustic horns, microphones, multimedia video, indoor sound columns, USB entertainment video sticks, headrest DVDs, phonographs, learning machines, automatic record players, CD-ROMs, etc. Tape recorder, CD recorder, car advertisement machine, digital photo frame, electronic organ, electric guitar and so on.



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