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Company dynamics Hongke Tseting - global resources autumn consumer electronics fair 2018 is a perfect ending

From October 11 to 14, 2018, hongke testing participated in global resources consumer electronics exhibition held by global resource…


Company dynamics 2018 global resources Hongkong Electronics Exhibition

Hongke Testing will participate in the 2008 Global Resources Hong Kong Electronic Exhibition, time: October 11-14, 2018, address: Ho…


Asia China CCC certification

China's 3C certification system is called "compulsory product certification system". It is a product conformity assess…


Asia India BIS certification

BIS is the local Standards Bureau of India, through its certification of products will be labeled ISI, the label in India and surrou…


Asia New wave PSB certification

PSB certification is compulsory certification in SingaporePrior to entry into Singapore, the taxable company in Singapore must be th…


Asia Thailand TISI certification

Thailand implements TISI certification system combining compulsory certification with voluntary certification. For products that mee…


Asia PSE certification in Japan

PSE certification is the safety mark of Japanese products. Japan's DENTORL Law (Electrical Equipment and Material Control Law) s…


Asia Malaysia SIRIM certification

SIRIM certification is the only institution in Malaysia to conduct certification. Any factory or company may apply to SIRIM for revi…


Asia KC certification in South Korea

KC certification is a product certification mark in South Korea.According to the "Korea Electrical Products Safety Management L…


Europe EU CE certification

brief introductionCE certification is limited to the basic safety requirements of products that do not endanger the safety of humans…


Europe German GS certification

GS means German "Geprufte Sicherheit" (Security Certified) and also means "German Safety" (German Security). GS …


North America Mexico NOM certification

(NOM) Normas Oficiales Mexicanas logo is Mexico's mandatory safety logo, used to indicate that the product is in compliance with…


North America UL certification in the US

UL, short for Underwrites Laboratories Inc., is one of the world's largest private institutions engaged in safety testing and ce…


North America ETL certification in the US

ETL is the most dynamic safety certification mark in North America. Its history can be traced back to the electrical testing laborat…


Testing EMC Testing Service

EMC, FCC legislation and CertificationEMC Testing ServiceEquipmentsCISPR22,EN55032,VCCIV-3,J55022,EN55035,AS/NZS-CISPR22,CISPR32,FCC…


Regulatory information Malaysia's new requirements for adapter certification

BACKGROUND: In the past, ST certification in Malaysia only regulated individual shipments of adapters. If adapters shipped with end …


Regulatory information Electrical products exported to Thailand should pay attention! TISI certification has new standards

At present, some electronic and electrical products exported to Thailand have new certification standards.At that time, only product…


Regulatory information 13 types of mandatory products added to India BIS certification information

According to a document issued by India's Ministry of Electronic Information Technology (MIIT) from August 16, 2017, a third bat…


Regulatory information Code for use of GCC certification labels in Gulf States

Background:The GCC Certification Tracking Symbol (GCTS) was issued by the GCC Standards Bureau (GSO) on November 14, 2016. On June 2…


Regulatory information Thailand: energy efficiency requirements for tubular fluorescent lamps ballast, standard TIS

The Thai Industrial Standard TIS 2337-2557 specifies energy efficiency requirements for tubular fluorescent lamp ballasts for genera…

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